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TMS Near Fremont

At Acacia Mental Health, we believe that people living with depression should have treatment options that extend well beyond medication. Antidepressants are effective for some people, but depression treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer the latest, safest, alternative depression treatment options, including TMS, near Fremont, California.

TMS therapy in Fremont.

TMS works by triggering the parts of your brain responsible for mood regulation that cause depressive symptoms because they’re underactive. By directing magnetic stimulation into your brain, TMS encourages those neurons to increase their activity. Not only does this offer short-term relief from depression, but it also helps to retrain your brain. That’s why this Fremont TMS is so powerful in helping patients achieve results that last. Two out of three patients maintain their improvement after TMS therapy for one year or more. 

We connect our Fremont area patients to our Sunnyvale office, where we have transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) devices. With this FDA-cleared, non-invasive, and non-medication treatment for depression, we’ve seen remarkable results. Specifically, two in three patients who haven’t seen results with other depression treatments see improvement of their symptoms. What’s more, one in three achieves full depression remission with this groundbreaking treatment. 

There are different types of TMS available today. At Acacia Mental Health, we offer TMS with TBS to help you get more from your treatments in less time. TMS is covered by many insurance plans.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy provided by Acacia Mental Health.

Acacia Mental Health providing patient with TMS treatment near Fremont.

Fremont TMS Therapy

During your TMS therapy at Acacia Mental Health, our team directs theta-burst stimulation (TBS) into your brain. This type of TMS therapy for depression uses stimulation that closely mirrors the way your brain naturally functions. It’s just as safe and effective as other types of TMS, but you get results with shorter treatment times when you choose TBS. 

During your TMS treatment, you relax in a chair as the TMS technology stimulates your brain. This is a completely non-invasive treatment. Some patients report a headache when they start this therapy but any discomfort usually lessens with successive treatments. The best part is that each TMS session takes 10-20 minutes. 

Two months of TMS therapy with one session per day, five days a week is recommended. Over the weeks, most patients see depression symptoms improve. What’s more, those results often last a year or more. Please view our TMS FAQ page for additional useful information.

Many patients choose our TMS therapy near Fremont because it’s a non-medication treatment for depression. That means they can avoid the side effects that can come with antidepressants, instead choosing this virtually side-effect-free treatment option. 

At Acacia Mental Health, we’re committed to using the safest, most advanced treatment tools and techniques to help you improve your mental health and protect it long-term. Besides TMS therapy, our other psychiatric and psychotherapy services include talk therapy, medication management, and overarching lifestyle support. Speak with our dedicated team and we can help you find the treatment(s) that’s right for you. 

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