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TMS Sunnyvale

At Acacia Mental Health, we strive to help our patients lead their happiest, healthiest, most balanced lives. That’s why, among a range of treatments and services that support your mental health, we offer TMS in Sunnyvale. This transformative treatment has helped many of our patients living with treatment-resistant depression.

TMS therapy in Sunnyvale.

TMS is short for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It’s a safe, effective, noninvasive, non-medication treatment for depression that’s improved the lives of people across the United States and the world. For over a decade, mental health care providers have leveraged this FDA-cleared treatment to help patients with depression who haven’t shown signs of improvement with other treatments.

During TMS treatment, you sit comfortably in a chair as one of our dedicated, highly-trained providers uses a device that targets the areas of the brain responsible for regulating mood. This stimulates the underactive neurons in your brain that cause your depressive symptoms. The magnetic stimulation encourages those neurons to operate as they should. TMS treatment in Sunnyvale essentially retrains your brain. In fact, one in three of our patients achieve full remission from their depression with TMS.

As we care deeply about providing you access to the safest, most effective alternative depression treatment options, we offer TMS with TBS. TMS therapy is covered by many insurance plans.

Acacia Mental Health provides TMS treatment to patients near Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale TMS therapy provided by Acacia Mental Health.

Sunnyvale TMS Therapy

TMS is already being heralded as a game-changing non-medication treatment for depression, but not all TMS is created equal. We offer theta-burst stimulation (TBS), which more closely matches the way your brain functions naturally than other forms of TMS. It’s both safe and effective. What’s more, it works faster than other forms of TMS. For additional information you can view our TMS FAQ page.

To be most effective, TMS needs to be administered on a regular basis for a prescribed amount of time. This way, your brain gets the retraining it needs to function its best. For most patients, we recommend weekday sessions (i.e., five days a week) for two months to achieve the best results. 

Our Acacia Mental Health team knows that as much as you want to prioritize your mental health, your schedule has other demands on it. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer TMS with TBS. With this groundbreaking treatment, each session takes around 10 minutes. And because the treatment is noninvasive, you can continue on with your usual daily activities immediately after. Stop in for your TMS therapy in Sunnyvale before work, at lunch, after work, or whenever it’s convenient for your schedule.  

We offer more than TMS at our Sunnyvale office. Come visit us to get access to a wide range of treatments administered by our dedicated, knowledgeable team. Other mental health services we offer include medication management, talk therapy, and lifestyle support. 

We’re committed to helping our patients find the right depression treatment for them. To learn more about the mental health services and treatments available at our Sunnyvale location, including TMS therapy for depression, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact our team at Acacia Mental Health online or at (408) 357-9828. We’re here to help you achieve a healthier, happier life.