Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for severe depression. An alternative depression therapy, it is typically used for patients who have tried antidepressants and still feel depressed. In short, TMS activates areas of the brain that are under-active in patients with depression.

Research has shown that it is highly effective with long-lasting effects after treatments are completed. This non medication treatment for depression involves weekday sessions for two months typically lasting less than 10 minutes each.

Theta Burst TMS (TBS)

TBS is a revolutionary form of TMS that more closely mimics the rhythms of natural brain activity. Theta Bursts are short bursts of stimulation at higher frequencies than traditional TMS. First used in 2005, TBS has been shown to be just as safe and effective as traditional TMS, but requires much less time to administer.

I love treating my patients with TMS because they usually get better and they usually get better fast.

I woke up and I just felt good. It was a weird sensation… I don’t feel this dark cloud over me.

47 year old woman, with bipolar depression after 6 sessions of TMS.

I’m thinking quicker. Thoughts take better directions. I don't have to fight as hard to think coherent thoughts, or be rational.

19 year old young man , with depression, after session 12.

The shoulders are lighter, the face is different. My cheeks are getting sore from smiling so much! ...This has enlightened my heart again.

60 year old woman , in remission by TMS after decades of depression.

I noticed I was appreciating things a lot more... noticing how nice it was on my walk to class.

21 year old university student , who got TMS for depression, which is now in remission.

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